The OrangeHook Healthcare Provider Identity Suite, provided by LifeMed ID, is designed to improve security and lower costs through a unique multifactor management system that enables identity across multiple healthcare domains. This technology is based on international HL7 and HIPPA standards and is designed to have backward compatibility with many of the existing physical access systems installed today. Using an enrollment system with optional biometrics built on interoperable standards the OrangeHook suite can communicate with all employment verifications, services e.g. Medical board license verification and National Provider Identifier (NPI) Verification. The system integrates with printers from Zebra and Matica.


  • ID’s can be instantly read on mobile devices in field without internet connectivity
  • ID’s have electronic signature capabilities for two distinct features: 1. transaction integrity and prescription signing and 2. asset check-in and out (e.g. portable MRIs and dialysis equipment)
  • The ID holds training, certifications, emergency health record file built on HL7 standards and other related data for instant verification
  • Can be tied to a secondary Uniform RFID tag (in buttons or epaulets) for high security assurance in drug dispensing or operating rooms
  • Built-in virtual desktop with the SSO module
  • Supports 7 types of biometric modalities
  • Integrates with PACS, time and attendance, HR and single sign-on solutions
  • Eliminates ghost employees where you may have a problem

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