OrangeHook's Government & First Responder Accountability Suite, provided by Salamander Technologies, is designed to provide complete accountability on all resources – people and equipment. Salamander provides the ability to create an interoperable environment to bring departments and organizations together, creating a common operating picture, for large-scale events and / or day-to-day activities.

Through the variety of features, Salamander gives the ability to create plans, TAG, TRACK, & REPORT on all facets of your organization to increase visibility, quickly check-in / check-out resources from mobile devices, view data on a map in real-time, and more. Not only can the solution can be used to track your internal resources but it can be used to track residents / civilians, volunteers, mutual aid, media and more when an event occurs. The increased visibility helps to keep all those involved safe and accounted for.


  • Access information from anywhere on a PC, iOS, and Android device
  • ID’s can be instantly read on mobile devices
  • The ID's QR code holds training, certifications, emergency health record file for instant verification
  • Tie assets to specific people and events and report on their status real-time
  • Create interoperable IDs to TRACK all responders, volunteers, patients, evacuees, civilians, and equipment involved
  • Manage personnel and equipment qualifications
  • Remotely check-in to an event and view resources on a map as they move closer to the scene
  • Supports NIMS federal standards
  • TRACK and timestamp all resource activity
  • Get prepared with pre-planned templates and test them during exercises and drills
  • Provide comprehensive incident logs with real-time activity and detailed reporting for debriefing
  • Have situational awareness with off-scene activity
  • Works in a comms-in and comms-out environment
  • Real-time verification on every scan to ensure the person is active, vetted, and qualified
  • Can be tied to an existing accountability solution
  • Instantly pull reports

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