OrangeHook’s identity solution for asset management, provided by Salamander Technologies, gives users comfort in knowing that assets are accounted for at all times. Salamander’s solution offers more than knowing what assets you have in stock. Create alerts as reminders to preform tasks such as inspections, repairs, maintenance, etc. and log the results. Import important documents to refer back to like manuals or certifications. As you issue assets to people, indicate if the issuance is tied to a specific event. At any time, select one of the numerous reports that the solution offers to get a full picture of where your assets are at, the condition they are in and more.


  • Track assets that have been issued, turned-in, and consumed during a specific event
  • Access information from anywhere on a PC, iOS, and Android device
  • Quickly import an existing database into SalamanderLive
  • Set alerts as reminders to complete tasks
  • Scan equipment TAGS to adjust quantity, status, add comments, or an image
  • Mark assets as deployable to other organizations within the account
  • Upload documents for referencing such as manuals, insurance policies, safety information, certificates
  • Add qualifications to create awareness of special equipment or specific capabilities of the asset
  • Access information from anywhere on a PC, iOS, and Android device

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