Nuvel Holdings, Inc.

Nuvel Holdings, Inc. (Nuvel) is a dynamic business focusing on an innovative software-based solution for dramatically accelerating data in a safe and secure manner. Our solution can work across any existing network, operating system, or customer environment in order to allow a client to have better and more rapid access to their data as well as provide a differentiated end-user experience. As file sizes of all types increase and the use of video expands exponentially, firms and users are becoming increasingly frustrated in their ability to manage and effectively use all of this data. Nuvel offers a game-changing, cost effective method for allowing customers across a large number of target industries the ability to harness their data and use it as a sustainable business advantage. Today, Network Optimization is used by many firms around the globe. However, Nuvel takes the basic attributes of optimization and enhances them significantly allowing for users to see a dramatically differentiated experience by using our solution. By being software based, non-intrusive to the data, and completely complementary to any network connection, Nuvel offers a set of attributes that are unique and market changing. As a result, we offer speed enhancements, without compromising safety or security, of between 10% and 150% over the existing broadband connection. Additionally, the Nuvel solution allows for easy return on investment by having an economical model based off the existing broadband rate that is already in place. Our model also clears the path for cost deferment of continuous network upgrades which has historically been the means to deal with the demand created in order to accommodate more and more data as well as speed requirements.

How It Works

The Nuvel Network Data Tunnel "NDT" is a software based data acceleration solution that has been proven to significantly reduce the time to transfer data and can be installed into virtually any existing network, chip set, or software environment with minimal IT resources. The Nuvel solution was designed to seamlessly integrate into existing applications and business processes. The NDT software monitors all requests and seamlessly redirects the appropriate traffic into the secure Network Data Tunnel. The Nuvel Solution uses proprietary Protocol Optimization, Lossless Compression and Encryption to achieve blazing fast performance over existing bandwidth up to 150 times faster. Benefits include increased speed, decrease in time and ultimately reduced bandwidth requirements. Our software operates complementary to any customers existing broadband or WAN environment with no reconfiguration of the network needed. Our installation process can be accomplished in a matter of minutes with the full support of the Nuvel team and the client can begin to reap the benefits of dramatically accelerated data speeds immediately. And, as an upside, the larger the file and the more distance that file needs to travel, the BETTER the Nuvel solution. The team at Nuvel has several ideas on how its technology can help service its customers. Many of these ideas are centered on the need to move data quickly and securely. Since Nuvel’s solution is software based and can be deployed in minutes, it would give corporations the ultimate agility in servicing their customers. These same principles could be applied to how corporations work with their extensive partner networks. Nuvel’s technology can be deployed across point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or multi-to-multi based networks."

  • Founded in 2010
  • Offices in Los Gatos, CA (Silicon Valley)
  • Nuvel Holdings, Inc. (NUVL.OB) on April 10, 2012

Business - Data acceleration software

  • Uses current hardware infrastructure to accelerate data transfer
  • Software only solution
  • Able to deploy across any hardware and OS
  • Develop mobile Applications

Core Values

  • Innovation. We will pursue ideas that will revolutionize the markets we operate in and help companies differentiate their products and services.
  • Excellent customer service. Customer-first solutions and focus will permeate everything Nuvel does.
  • Passion. By supporting and investing in our employees and attracting the right style, we will operate with a passion for growing the business and satisfying our customers needs.
  • Education. We will support our employees pursuit of growing their skills and learning in pursuit of making the business stronger in the long term.
  • Giving Back. We will support the communities in which we live and work and encourage our employees to do the same.

Mission Statement

Engage in the business of designing, developing and selling a family of software products and services that deliver data acceleration and management solutions that enable companies and individuals to transfer large amounts of data at high speeds, while optimizing the flow of information over the Internet, and maximizing network performance and data security.

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