Why us:

We believe in shaping the future by creating unprecedented value and opportunity.

How we do it:

We transform how people connect, communicate and collaborate in today’s virtual world.

What we provide:

Network Data Tunnel - simple and secure data acceleration at a new velocity.

Nuvel, Inc.

The company’s cloud-based solution, Network Data Tunnel, enables companies and individuals to transfer large amounts of data at high speeds.

How the solution works:

Nuvel resolves these issues through Network Data Tunnel (NDT), a software-based data acceleration solution that increases data transfer over existing bandwidth up to 150 times faster than file transfer protocol. As a result, customers experience huge cost savings. Nuvel integrates seamlessly into existing network infrastructures, using minimal IT resources for easy installation and deployment. Additionally, Nuvel uses AES 256 bit encryption, the strongest encryption standards in the industry, to ensure customer data is safe. And, because NDT is software-based, customers can enable cloud-computing applications. 

You can relax knowing that your data transfers are fast, simple and secure. Anytime. Anywhere.

About Nuvel

  • Offices in Los Gatos, CA (Silicon Valley), founded in 2010
  • Nuvel Holdings, Inc. (NUVL.OB) on April 10, 2012
  • Uses current hardware infrastructure to accelerate data transfer
  • Software only solution
  • Able to deploy across any hardware and OS
  • Develop mobile applications
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Mission Statement

Engage in the business of designing, developing and selling a family of software products and services that deliver data acceleration and management solutions that enable companies and individuals to transfer large amounts of data at high speeds, while optimizing the flow of information over the Internet, and maximizing network performance and data security.

Core Values

Innovation.  We will pursue ideas that will revolutionize the markets we operate in and help companies differentiate their products and services.
Excellent customer service. Customer-first solutions and focus will permeate everything Nuvel does.
Passion.  By supporting and investing in our employees and attracting the right style, we will operate with a passion for growing the business and satisfying our customers needs.
Education. We will support our employees pursuit of growing their skills and learning in pursuit of making the business stronger in the long term.
Giving Back.  Confident in our mission and vision, we will overcome all obstacles and challenges to our success.  We will not only survive, we will thrive.

Industry Background

Our world is filled with more data each and every day. As file sizes of all types increase and the use of video expands exponentially, firms and users are becoming increasingly frustrated in their ability to manage and effectively use all of this data. Today, Network Optimization is used by many firms around the globe. Traditional wide area network (WAN) management involves on-site IT personnel running redundant, fragmented and decentralized processes and systems. The result is inefficient use of infrastructure and resources, which reduces productivity and performance, increases capital and operating costs, and puts a company’s network and data at risk. Additionally, decentralized infrastructures cannot utilize and leverage cloud computing applications.

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