LifeNexus is an OrangeHook company in the consumer healthcare technology space and creators of iChip®, headquartered in Roseville, CA. iChip enables consumers to instantly access and share their personal health information when and where they need it. Leveraging payer data, analytics and programs, the technology automatically updates and populates an iChip Health Record that consumers can view, enhance and share using the iChip mobile app, web portal or chip-enabled benefits ID card. Incorporated in 2004, LifeNexus became the developer of the nation’s first multi-purpose consumer health card, the Personal Health Card®. Consumer-entered health information was stored on the physical card and shared during emergency situations. Through relationships with MasterCard and Visa, the Personal Health Card was expanded to include optional payment functionality.

Capitalizing on extensive testing and research and changing market opportunities, the product has evolved from a direct-to-consumer emergency card to a mass-market robust platform used for everyday healthcare needs. The most recent version of the company’s consumer engagement platform was released in the spring of 2013. The iChip platform uses cloud-based computing along with consumer tools, including a chip-enabled insurance card and smart-phone application to provide access to personal health information when and where it is needed. Through these technologies, a patient has anywhere, anytime access to his or her electronic healthcare record.

iChip is designed to improve healthcare experiences and outcomes by delivering consumer-controlled health information that is automatically updated and presented at the point of care. By putting the information in the hands of the consumer, iChip ensures that essential health information gets past the front desk and into the treatment room where it is most valuable. With iChip, health plans and other risk entities are better equipped to address many of today’s most pressing issues including improving quality metrics like Star ratings and HEDIS measures, closing gaps in care, improving risk score coding, improving member engagement and satisfaction rates, all which contribute to better diagnoses and treatments leading to better health outcomes.

How iChip Works:

The iChip platform draws relevant consumer health and insurance data, including administrative, clinical and analytic information from all available data sources (payer eligibility and claims database, provider EMR/EHR, consumer self-reported) and assembles it into a continuously updated, longitudinal health record that can be linked to family members, shared with remote care teams or pushed at the point of care to facilitate check-in. Consumers can access their personal health information anytime on any web-enabled device and maintain complete control of when and where their information is shared. When consumers show up at iChip participating providers, they can use the smart-phone app or chip-enabled insurance card to facilitate a more seamless check-in.

  • Company built by a team of senior healthcare and technology executives, each with 20+ years of experience across payer, provider and consumer segments
  • iChip uses widely-adopted consumer technology to put personalized health information and analytics in the hands of consumers and their caregivers wherever and whenever they need it to improve the consumer’s healthcare experience, improve the caregiver’s ability to diagnose and treat, and foster engagement
  • Platform built end-to-end on HIPPA secure, cloud-based technology that leverages proprietary encryption techniques, leading-edge mobile capabilities such as geolocation-enabled rapid patient check-in
  • Underlying the iChip solution are patent-protected intellectual property (11 issued, 2 pending) and trademarks (8 registered, 1 pending)
  • The iChip solution leverages consumer-centric design founded on principles of accepted behavioral science to foster optimal patient engagement (specifically the motivations for participation, management, sustainment, self-efficacy, and well-being), while also addressing the emotional needs of patients

Mission Statement

To ensure that every individual has their healthcare information available when and where they need it On the platform consumers want; used by providers in the way they want

Vision Statement

To create the trusted platform consumers use to take control of and enrich their health care experience

Key Components

  • Identify verification
  • Security management
  • Data query and aggregation
  • Information access management and controls
  • Configuration options
  • On-demand, dynamic PHR with Connections
  • Provider access options
  • Consumer platform options
  • High value consumer features and functionality e.g. savings & discounts, rewards, payments, app gallery and eligibility
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