About Us


OrangeHook was founded in 2014 as a holding company to accelerate a select collection of companies that delivered business and governmental software applications. These assets are focused on the mission of “changing the world we live in to be a better and safer place.” The company has applied a sophisticated approach strategically designed to unleash higher levels of efficiencies within these business ventures. Targeting enhanced visibility, eliminating redundancies within selling, general and administrative expenses, and empowering the inherent talent residing inside these unique businesses is now yielding a suite of solutions that is interoperable and leading edge.

OrangeHook now delivers products and services from its portfolio organizations to dynamic businesses, and broad government sectors with the common theme of making governments and healthcare smarter. By focusing its team on strong identity solutions, OrangeHook is set to rapidly become the leader in converged credentials that directly link identity with Big Data sets, accountability, payments and healthcare.

Core Values of OrangeHook

  • Stay actively involved
  • Do the right thing
  • Inspire to improve
  • Focus on impact and acceleration
  • Be open
    • "Take two people with equal intelligence, and the one with the most information, wins!"
  • Work with companies where we can make a significant difference

Mission of OrangeHook

To discover, enable, and elevate innovative and life enhancing technology solutions which can change the world.

Vision Statement of OrangeHook

Our vision is to take companies with good potential and make them great companies with unbridled opportunity.

Industry Knowledge

OrangeHook promotes companies that will be enhanced by our extensive experience and wide range of resources. We have a team of professionals that carry significant experience in both financial and operational capacities. Our experience consolidates a comprehensive network of far-reaching relationships with companies and leaders from several business sectors.

Operation Management

OrangeHook has the proper set of refined tools for assessing operational, structural, and strategic challenges. These tools allow us to analyze, engage, and accelerate complex business solutions and investments.

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Our expertise in corporate mergers and acquisitions allows us to work with management teams as well as various stakeholders to enlist a structure that promotes the highest probable success rate.

Capital Markets

OrangeHook has reliable expertise in capital markets, as well as vast experience in securing low-cost, low-risk outcomes with its debt and equity relationships.

Expansion Synergies

OrangeHook provides its portfolio companies with unparalleled opportunities by integrating our valuable resources.

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