Welcome to Investor Relations of OrangeHook (legacy Nuvel Holdings, Inc.)

Our vision is to take companies with good potential and make them great companies with unbridled opportunity.


OrangeHook is structured as a holding company to accelerate a selective collection of consumer, business, and governmental software applications which meet the primary criteria of “changing the world we live in to be a better and safer place.” OrangeHook promotes the delivery of the products and services offered by our acquisition targets via expansive, broad, and dynamic sectors with the common theme of unbridled market potential. In today’s economy, many entrepreneurial-backed concepts have reached the point of revenue generation by only leveraging personal capital. Many of these businesses simply run out of money when their product is ready to go to market and generate profitability. OrangeHook has carefully identified a number of these opportunities and comprehends the needs associated with getting to the next level. A sophisticated approach to structured capital has been implemented to strategically unleash higher levels within these new business ventures. Targeting enhanced visibility, eliminating redundancies within SG&A, and empowering the inherent talent residing inside these disparate businesses, are just a few of the key methods. By introducing a central and combined force, OrangeHook believes it can achieve critical mass and redistributed risk scenarios with an even greater upside for investors and participants.

Our business model is dependent upon market timing, which embraces the concept of bringing companies on line as they enter their revenue ramp up. Although continuing development is always necessary, we plan on timing the introduction of each entity to the market subsequent to the majority of development expenditures. Accordingly, we expect our companies to be in a much stronger cash flow and profitability stance than if we acquired them early in their development life cycles.


Our Strategy

Our objective is to become a leading accelerator for post development, as well as pre- and early revenue generating companies. We intend to provide capital to fund the growth of sales as well as centralized financial, marketing, legal, regulatory, and consulting services designed to reduce SG&A costs across our portfolio companies.

Core Values

  • Stay actively involved
  • Do the right thing
  • Inspire to improve
  • Focus on impact and acceleration
  • Be open
    • Take two people with equal intelligence, and the one with the most information, wins!"

  • Work with companies where we can make a significant difference

Financial Inquiries

You may request an investor information packet or additional information by filling out our investor feedback form. If you need additional information or have further questions, please contact investor relations at investorrelations@orangehook.com

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