Salamander is a homeland security leader addressing a national imperative – the situational awareness of all resources (first responders, assets, volunteers, and civilian victims) during field events ranging from routine or planned events to mass disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and public health emergencies. The company’s Intelligent Accountability solution features the latest auto ID, mobile and cloud technologies to tag, track and report on personnel and assets at the local department level and easily scales to provide syndicated resource and incident management for county, state and regional emergency managers. The solution has logical extensions into industrial safety, smart cities, and international markets that have the same need to identify and track field personnel and civilians during routine events or emergencies.

How It Works

The company's Intelligent Accountability solution provides first responders and emergency or event managers the tools they need to maintain real-time situational awareness and a common operating picture of all personnel and equipment at an incident or event. 

  1. All resources are TAGGED with an ID card, tag or even a smartphone featuring the latest auto ID technologies including high-capacity barcodes, smart chips and RFID.  These IDs can be provisioned from a cloud application as agency credentials or created right in the field for volunteers, non-credentialed responders or even civilian victims. 

  2. All resources are TRACKED in the field using laptops, tablets and/or smartphones to verify identities and monitor resource assignments and locations. 

  3. Finally, all tracking applications communicate with each other through the cloud to provide real-time REPORTS on the status and situation of all resources – a common operating picture available to on-scene incident/event managers as well as off-scene emergency/event operations centers.  

The solution has a compelling ROI in saving lives (risk management) and saving money (expense reimbursements for resource deployments).  It also addresses a national imperative:  the situational awareness of all personnel – responders, volunteers, and civilian victims – during emergencies or disasters such as 9/11, Katrina, Sandy Hook, Deep Water Horizon, Ebola, and future natural and man-made threats.

Patents / Proprietary Software

Salamander’s entire suite of software is proprietary and extends across Window OS, iOS, and Android platforms.

  • Accountability Patents No. 5,596,652 & No. 5,793,882 (exp. 2015): Core IP that covers the use of high-capacity ID tags for access control, assignments, and accountability at an incident based on qualifications and credentials.
  • Victim Tracking Patent – No. 6,761,312 (exp. 2022): Protects the use of a high-capacity ID tags for tracking victims with triage priority and victim information.
  • rapidTAG ™ Patent – No. 7,191,934 (exp. 2024): Protects a system whereby you strip data off a pre-existing identification cards (e.g. Driver’s Licenses) to create incident-specific credentials.
  • Interlinking Electronic Identities (allowed for issuance) US 2012/0264394 A1: Covers the use of cell-enabled devices as an identity/collector unit/management unit for personnel accountability during incidents.

  • A Michigan Corp, based in Traverse City, founded June 2001
  • No. 1 supplier of personnel accountability systems for 1st Responders  - auto ID systems to tag, track, and report on responders & victims
  • Software developer and system integrator – small (15 employees)
  • Inc. 500 recognition in 2007
  • National Sales Channel:  12+ resellers
  • Industry pioneer in the use of cloud computing and mobility applications (Android and iOS)
  • References
    • Los Alamos National Laboratories
    • Fort Meade – NSA
    • Team Rubicon
    • Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) Illinois
    • Statewide Emergency Management Adoption (13 states)
  • Highlighted Partnerships
    • Motorola Solutions
    • Zebra Technologies
    • Team Rubicon

Mission Statement

At Salamander, we are saving lives of our 1st Responders and the citizens they protect by offering a superior automatic identification system that accounts for all personnel, verifies responder identities, and provides a common operating picture during an incident, emergency or field event. Our contributions to homeland security will accelerate as the Salamander solution fulfills the national imperative for a unified system to identify and track all participants of a large-scale incident – responders, volunteers, and civilian victims.

Vision Statement

Provide an easy to use, affordable, scalable and redundant platform for interagency resource accountability – from the tag to the web – that complies with federal mandates for the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV).

Core Values

Purpose.  We are guided by a noble mission – the safety and well-being of our first responders and the citizens they protect.  Our vision is to provide a superior automatic identification and tracking solution to enhance the situational awareness of all personal during an incident, field event, or mass disaster.
Integrity.  We conduct business with the highest level of honesty and transparency.  Trust is fundamental to our relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, and investors.
Nimble.  We are fast to adapt to an ever changing market.  As technology churn occurs faster and faster, we will anticipate change and make the right choices at the right time to maintain our leadership.
Customer Driven.  We are accountable to our customers.  At the end of the day, our responsiveness to their needs will determine our success as a company.
Perseverance.  Confident in our mission and vision, we will overcome all obstacles and challenges to our success.  We will not only survive, we will thrive.

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