Salamander Technologies, LLC fits into OrangeHook's key area of focus: IDENTIFICATION.

The company's INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ suite leverages cloud, mobile and PC-enabled solutions that identifies available people and resources in incidents or planned events.

Industry Background

Identification, tracking and monitoring are the core pillars of accountability, and are essential to the infrastructure for emergency response management. Emergency response management must always be prepared to manage any incident or event – planned or unplanned – and oversee accountability to mitigate possible situations and ensure the safety of others. However, standard accountability tools in the field do not enable response teams to meet expectations set by the government. Today, teams are set up to manage data, resources and individuals manually – pen and paper, radio, etc. – all of which obstruct and restrict situational awareness and reporting, and put on-scene individuals at risk.

Patents / Proprietary Software

Salamander’s entire suite of software is proprietary and extends across Window OS, iOS, and Android platforms.

  • Accountability Patents No. 5,596,652 & No. 5,793,882 (exp. 2015): Core IP that covers the use of high-capacity ID tags for access control, assignments, and accountability at an incident based on qualifications and credentials.
  • Victim Tracking Patent – No. 6,761,312 (exp. 2022): Protects the use of a high-capacity ID tags for tracking victims with triage priority and victim information.
  • rapidTAG ™ Patent – No. 7,191,934 (exp. 2024): Protects a system whereby you strip data off a pre-existing identification cards (e.g. Driver’s Licenses) to create incident-specific credentials.
  • Interlinking Electronic Identities (allowed for issuance) US 2012/0264394 A1: Covers the use of cell-enabled devices as an identity/collector unit/management unit for personnel accountability during incidents.
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