LifeMed ID, Inc. fits into OrangeHook's key area of focus: PATIENT VALIDATION.

The company's solution AIMeTM leverages cloud-based technology that verifies patient information at any point care.

Why us:

We are all patients. We believe in leveraging collective ideas and focusing on possibilities that directly impact the things that matter.

How we do it:

We provide the source of truth through a digital identifier that is unique, interoperable and secure

What we provide:

AIMe™: a deterministic patient identity platform

Industry Background

A complete and trusted patient identity is the basis for healthcare. Without it, the industry struggles to ensure that each party is sharing correct information about the correct patient. Current registration is set up to capture patient demographics and generate a record for that patient. However, this process stops short of establishing a highly reliable identity, making it difficult for a patient’s record to be confidently known and shared across the care continuum. This puts the patient and organization at risk. Common elements that contribute to this obstacle are human error and fraud (name spelling, name change from marriage, nick names, outdated vs. current addresses, insurance status and others). 

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How the solution works:

Establishing a source of truth for health systems globally starts by establishing multi-factor authentication for patients – a design that confirms identity by utilizing a combination of least two different factors: something you have, something you know, something you are. We call this a secure patient token, and it establishes the “1 patient, 1 record” or “1 patient, all correct records” concept. This platform can be applied across public and private healthcare environments and initiatives, including Health Systems, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Population Health, Integrated Care, private insurers, Medicare and Medicaid, and others.

LifeMed ID, Inc. enables healthcare to develop a robust patient identity infrastructure for better care delivery.

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